IF THIS IS YOU, We might get along!!

Although I would love to be the best wedding photographer for every couples. That’s not how it works. I usually connect very well with couples that…

Care deeply about each other and NOT afraid to show it

Appreciate artistic expression & creativity

Value genuine connection > perfection

You’re intentional about your wedding day

Getting comfortable and getting to know who you guys as a couple allow me to capture and create photographs that is true to y’all. Those weddings photos that you saw were possible because of my relationship with those couples. 


Because there’s no redo… Your relationship with your photographer is very crucial . So it is important for us to talk/video chat before moving forward to see if I’m the best fit to capture your story


  • Capturing your authentic story with customized photography coverage
  • I will help you create a customized timeline and shot list with intention
  • Freedom to print your photos as much as you want, as big as you want, from wherever you want.
  • Access to a heirloom wedding album, custom designed, art museum quality that will last for generations.
  • Personal online gallery for you to easily share your experience.
  • Someone that care about your story as much as you do
  • Not having to worry about your photographs

Starting at 4400 average investment is 5000-7400


First things first, let’s be clear. There’s not a “best” wedding photographer. Every photographer has their own style and the way they document weddings varies. The important thing is finding the right one to capture your day. 

1. Hand-Hold Process

I will also be meeting with you a few times via zoom or in person to prepare for your wedding, draft the timeline, and get to know your story in order to capture images that truly show your unique personalities.

2. Kiss & Run

Remember what your mom told you when you were young? stand still, look at the camera, and smile! Yeah we’re not doing that, I say kiss & run!! I encourage my couples to move, look at each other, and have fun! 

3. Real Emotions Over Perfect Poses

I believe that story & emotions are the things that give photographs meaning… not perfect poses. You might not be in the most perfect poses all the time, but you will get to live in the moment for the rest of your wedding day.

4. Heimlooms

Preserve your memories with museum-grade wedding album that will keep your story alive for the generations to come.

If you vibe with what I said above, I might be the right photographer for you!

WHat’s the steps!?


You’ve read through my website, you get the vibe and you think I may be your wedding photographer. So you’ll fill out this form here, so that I can learn a little more about you and make sure I’m available. 


As luck would have it, I have your day open. We will schedule a zoom or an in person meeting where I will get to hang out with the both of you and find out your unique story and the things you value. Here, I will build a customized collection that emphasizes capturing the moments you truly value most while prioritizing the experience

phoenix wedding photographer


You’ve booked me for your wedding date, and I am officially your wedding photographer. From this moment on I am on your side through thick and thin. I am going to be helping you create a timeline, sending over my full wedding guide with all the information you need to make sure the moments you want are captured. 


This is it, it’s the day we have all been waiting for. You’ve read through the guides I sent, asked me all the questions and now all you have to do is be yourselves. There will be laughs, happy tears, new inside jokes, and incredible things happening all day. I’ll be there to capture your story and give it back to you to tell your family for years


Think of this as celebrating your wedding part two. It’s about ten weeks after your wedding, you’ve been super patient and I’ve been hard at work editing and perfecting the story of your day. In addition to color-grading, blemish removal and picking all the best images of the day out I’ve also been designing your museum-grade heirloom album. We will meet up or zoom in to go over the final design of that album and talk about everything that happened on your wedding day

Have your wedding day capture like this! It happens once, let’s make it right!

Fill out the form below!