10 things you NEED on your adventure elopement

So you’re about to embark on an EPIC journey to the top of the mountain. How exciting! But this time you’re not just there for a nice view, you’re there to get married!! YEEEE!!

However, the journey up there might not go as smooth as you think! You’re going to be outside A LOT!! Many challenges emerge on your day. So let’s be prepare!

That’s why I created this list of 10 things you need on your adventure elopement. This list of items will make your special day so go much smoother and wayyyy more enjoyable!

So let’s go!!

Must have item for adventure elopement

  1. Portable Urinal

We don’t talk much about bathroom break but we are human and there will be times that you have to go! And sometime in your wedding attire! In the wilderness!! Why this will save your life…

  • You can use it folly clothed
  • No need for toilet paper
  • Compact / Easy carry

This model in particular got a lot of good reviews. Although I never use it (cuz I’m a dude lol) My wife had a good experience with this! You can buy it here


2. Nude Legging

If you’re planning on eloping in the cold winter month or high altitude where the temperature drop, this is a must! We typically don’t think about it but the only thing that protect your bare legs are freezing cold environment is your thin dress. The reason why this nude legging is so nice is because

  • It keeps you warm!
  • It doesn’t show up on picture

Oh and yes, dude can wear this too haha. Make sure to order one that match your skin color. You can find this legging here


3. Gloves

We’re not done with cold weather yet! Don’t forget to get a pair of cute gloves! Wedding dress usually doesn’t come with pockets (Dang it!)

  • Keeps your hand warm
  • Fashionable

So get yourself a pair of Faux Fur gloves to keep your hands warm! You can find these gloves here.


4. Bug spray

Imagine reading your vow with itchy arms! It’s so hard!! I don’t even remember how many times I forget about this one when I go on a hike haha. Mosquito can and will make your elopement experience less enjoyable.

  • No bug bites, no worries
  • Doesn’t show up on photos

You can get a none spray kind but it will show up in your photos. Be sure to protect yourself! This particular repellent is DEET free and plant based! You can get it here


5. Body/ Hand Warmers

It can get super cold after a long hike. Once the ceremony start, it will get colder. You stop generating heat when standing still. This is a life saver! seriously if you don’t want to wear jacket over your dress, this can be a great alternative! This particular one can stick underneath your dress and it will stay there! If you put 4 of them on your torso area, you’re set! Get it here


6. Boutonniere Hack

Look, when you hike around, there’s a chance you might fall and the last thing you need, is a sharp need from your boutonniere to poke you in the chest! So I recommend that you use magnet system for your boutonniere. Not only that it’s safer, but it’s so much easier to fix it (no special pinning knowledge is needed) Let’s be honest, that thing is a pain in the ass to work on lol. Get this item here


7. Flip Flop

After many miles of hiking, your feet will need a break! Even if you don’t need breaks, this is a great back up just in case anything were to happen to your hiking shoes. It’s also great for beach elopement or if you’re planning on jumping into the water.

  • Great way to rest your feet
  • A backup for your hiking shoes

This particular flip flops is from a company called REEF, my personal favorite because it has arch support and cushion! You can find it here


8. Darn Tough Sock

two feet items in a roll??! I sweat to god I do not have feet fetish haha. I was an Army medic in an infantry company. We rucked many long miles and the most important thing every infantry need to take care of are their feet. After many research and experiment I came to a conclusion that this is the best socks in the market for hiking. If you don’t want to feel fatigue on your feet what so ever, then get Darn Tough Sock! Military tested, military approved haha


9. Electrolyte Drink

Hydrate or Die! Hydration isn’t just water. It’s also electrolyte, potassium, magnesium, sodium, other-sium, etc haha. You lose minerals through sweat, but when you drink normal water, you don’t replenish those minerals. That’s where this come in. This electrolyte tablet will keep you going especially if you’re planning on hiking for a long period of time. However, Pink Himalayan salt is actually a very good alternative as well!


10. First Aid Kit??

Don’t worry about it 🙂 So no first aid kit?! I always carry my advance medical supply with me. I have 9 different medications and 28 different interventions that I can use on our adventure. So you don’t have to worry about it! (It’s like first aid kit on steroid haha)

That’s it for now with my top 10 things you need on your elopement! If you need more planning guide and tips, please contact me here

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