Adventurous Engagement Film in Sedona, Arizona

I had the opportunity to film Albert and Taylor in Sedona, AZ after their wedding with my friend Roy. These two were one of the loveliest couples I have worked with yet. Combining the stunning red rock landscapes of Arizona with their bubbly personalities, their love stood out like an iconic mountain.

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It was a beautiful day, perfect for the adventurous engagement photos. The sun may have been a bit harsh, but anything is better than rain!

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The climb got a bit more difficult as we progressed through the trail, but we still had a lot of fun!

Taylor and Albert began their Sedona engagement session at the Cathedral Rock Trail Head. They both came prepared with their hiking shoes. Albert’s shoes actually matched mine exactly hahaha. Taylor brought her white sandals to change once we got to the top of the trail. Taylor’s dress was casual yet elegant, and looked gorgeous with the green and red backdrop of the valley. 

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Sedona is known for being one of the most colorful desert locations in the southwest United States. This adventurous, and intimate engagement included so many fun desert elements – Once at the top, Taylor and Albert watched the sunset over the horizon.

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Once the sun set, the soft light during blue hour really brought out the red of the mountains. We were rewarded with a beautiful view.

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