Where to take engagement photos in Utah

If you’re looking for Utah engagement photographer that will help you with the planning process, you’ve come to the right place! Popular question couples ask me where to do engagement photos in Utah. Thankfully Utah is a very outdoorsy place with different type of landscape you can choose from. I mean this states has like 5 National Parks so I bet you will fall in love with at least one of them. This list of locations doesn’t just have National Parks thou! There are also other locations that’s close to Salt Lake City that’s worth dabbing into if you’re not planning on traveling super far from the city. Obviously, this is not every possible location. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, reach out and ask by using the form at the bottom of this post.

Outdoors engagement location

Arches National Park

This place is iconic to say the least. There are many different spots inside the national park that will give you that WOW feeling. But expect some crowds here on a weekend.

Good: Iconic landscape

Bad: Crowded

Canyonlands National Park

This is one of my favorite! Mainly because it’s a very OPEN location. There are a few spot like Dead Horse Point or Mesa Arch that’s super iconic but even then you’ll have a lot of space to walk around and have a ton of fun! The dramatic desert landscape carved by the Colorado River is perfect for couples that are looking for a spot that’s not going to steal your thunder

Good: Open & Epic

Bad: Not a lot of varieties

Zion National Park

Again, another iconic spot for your engagement photo. Be careful with this one, it’s can get super crowded. I recommend this to couples that are willing to wake up early for engagement photo or hike a bit. Zion National Park might not be best for sunrise or sunset because of the canyon. The best part about this location is the you’re super close to the canyon making it appear EPIC in photos

Good: Best mountain background

Bad: Crowded

Bonneville Salt Flats

Hiking isn’t your thing? or don’t want to drive too far from SLC? I gotchu! Bonneville Salt Flat is one of those location that will make your photos super CLEAN!! There aren’t a lot of distraction in the background, and it’s so big that you can find your own little stop and have a lot of fun doing whatever you want without having to worry about other people. BONUS: if it rain, it will create a reflection from the sky; giving you that HEAVEN vibe!

Good: Very open, no rules, minimalistic

Bad: No amenities

Lake Powell

If you’re more of a water type and will to drive a bit from SLC then Lake Powell is perfect! There are also other attractions near by like Antelope Canyon and Horseshoes Bend.

Good: Great water landscape

Bad: Far from SLC

The Cottonwood

Big Cottonwood / Cottonwood Canyon, Generally referring to the east side mountain of SLC. It has a good mix of everything, mountain, trees, body of water… so if desert isn’t your cup of tea, then this is a perfect place! Bonus point for being super close to SLC area.

Some Recommendation:

  • Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Jordan Pines, Big Cottonwood Canyon 
  • Bridal Veil Fall
  • 5th Water Hot-springs
  • Ogden Canyon
  • Ensign Peak

Good: Close to SLC, Lots of variety

Bad: none

Other Utah Engagement Photos Ideas.

You can honestly go anywhere in Utah for engagement photo. You can also pick a place thats sentimental to you and your partner? Even your home can be a great place to take engagement photos. I took one of my couple to do a session at a ski jump tower once. We literally, climb the ski jump tower! it was insane! We had so much fun and it was very unique to them because they are adrenaline junky

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