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What to do if CORONA VIRUS affects your wedding


This is such a sad time. At the time of writing this blog, Corona virus has infected over 15 million cases of people in the US. Of those people, 286,000  died from the virus and 920,000 recovered and the rest is still fighting. The big question is

“Should I be worried about CORONA VIRUS affecting my wedding?”

Now, I have 5 years of experience in Healthcare working as EMT and prior Army medic. I have many friends that are PAs, doctors, people that are wayyyyy more qualified than me to answer this question. So this isn’t going to be about my opinion. 

Their thoughts on the situation is don’t panic but take precaution. If you don’t have any of these sign and symptoms you’re fine…

  • cough + sore throat
  • respiratory distress
  • fever + headache

These are primary symptoms. Although there are many other secondary symptoms like soar throat, diarrhea, vomiting, they are not reliable indicators.

Q. When should I be concern?

A. When you are presented with 2/3 of the primary symptoms. 

If you have one of these symptoms, it can be a normal flu, so it’s better to stay inside and wait to see if the symptoms develop. So just take necessary precaution like drink a lot of water, eat healthy food, and wash you hands,

Even though the virus spread easily (like normal flu) the bright side is that according to current numbers and data the mortality rate is only 1.9%….

BUT BUT If I’m going to assume that you’re the age of 22-35 because this is a blog about getting married. SO according to your age, your mortality rate is actually 0.2% (cdc, data).

Majority of the people who aren’t so lucky are the people who are old and have health complication like hypertension and diabetes (40% of adults in America sadly) This is why it can complicate your weddings. You might have older people with health conditions attending the wedding.


Believe in our experts, and don’t listen to news or rumors written by online articles (like this one? haha). That is why I believe that majority of you will be OK, but you have to take appropriate precautions. #goodvibesonly!

But unfortunately, we are not the president of the United States and we don’t have control over what happen around the country…

SO what should you do about your wedding?

what to do wedding during coronavirus.jpg

Can I find a new venue instead?

Yes, you can find a new venue if yours closes due to the virus. But it’s still doesn’t solve the problem of hundreds of people packed into one ballroom. It also can also be very hard to find a venue that allow over 50+ guests.

Can I postpone?

You can postpone the wedding, but now some of your vendors might be booked on that date or can be hard to find available vendors, and you have to re-invite the guests again and hope they are able to come. So it’s like planning another wedding, it’s stressful and you probably have more important thing to be worry about…

I believe that your wedding experience should be stress-free so you can enjoy the day and be present. You should be excited to marry the love of your life and remember the day as the most romantic and happiest day of your life. The problem is Corona virus is ruining weddings! I would hate to show up on a wedding and see brides and grooms worry about their guests not showing, worry about people coughing at their wedding, or worry about the family’s wellness; especially grandparents and children.

That is why I’m going to give you a solutions to this problem that you should seriously consider!

Elope instead

Now, I know that this is a very biased answer. Yes, I 100% believe that intimate elopement is the best way for a couple to celebrate their love. Yes, an elopement isn’t for everyone… But please hear me out!

When you look at the situation of corona virus with logic, it all makes sense why elopement is the ideal answer.

Why should I elope?

  • You’re not stressing about people not showing up to your wedding because of the corona virus.
  • Less people = Less chance of getting infected by the virus
  • You don’t have to deal with 10+ vendors that might potentially cancel on you
  • It’s still going to be a special day, full of unforgettable memories & adventures
  • If you can’t get your initial deposit back from some wedding vendors, you might be in a tough financial situation. Elopement is a lot more affordable than big traditional weddings because you won’t be spending money on a lot of “stuff”

*However, I want you to only elope if that is something that you can see yourself doing. I would hate to see couples elope because they are forced into it. Just like how I hate seeing the families forcing couples into having traditional weddings. It goes both ways.

Do what makes you happy

An elopement can be something that’s totally unique to you… It can be more than just a ceremony at the top of the mountain. If you like picnic, how about a romantic dinner under the stars next to a campfire? If you like rock climbing, you can send it up together as couples. What’s something that you truly enjoy? You can make that a part of your elopement.

Oh and yes, family can also be apart of your elopement! Just because you don’t do traditional weddings doesn’t mean you can’t have small amount of people attending your elopement. (dogs can’t get infected and they are also very VERY welcome haha)

I’m here to help you realize how awesome an elopement is! and it can be much more than what you think!

If this sounds interesting and you want to learn more… Click here

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