Devil’s Lake – Best place to elope in Wisconsin

Where should you elope in Wisconsin? Out of all the Midwest states, I would say that Wisconsin has some of the best locations. One of them is Devil’s Lake right outside of Madison.

Why is Devil’s Lake the best location to elope in Wisconsin?

The reason why Devil’s lake is a great location is because of its unique geological features. I can’t say enough good thing about this place! It has many very short but beautiful hiking trails, rewarding viewpoints at the top, and it’s close to a body of water.

When should you elope in Devil’s Lake?

Best Season: This one depends on what kind of vibes you want. If you want a clear sky and warm hiking conditions, then summer! If you want nice earthy, orange colors and cooler weather then Fall! Spring is also great if you want that lush green and cooler weather. Winter? Winter wonderland kind of vibes anyone?

Best time of the day: Sunset! That’s because most of the iconic geological features are located on the east side of the lake. And since we want to position ourselves in the best light possible and see all those beautiful features; sunset is the best time to elope here.

Where should you hike at Devil’s Lake?

East Bluff Trails

I recommend East Bluff Trail! This trail has a long beautiful view throughout the whole hike. Also because it’s best for sunset. The sun will set perfectly behind you on this side of the lake, giving you the best lighting possible.

2.6 mi (BOTH WAYS) at 518 ft is a pretty easy hike to do in your dress. Since this is a popular trail, expect to see some people BUT there won’t be as many people for sunset! This hike also gives you access to the iconic landmarks like Devil’s Doorway and Balanced Rock.

How to elope at Devil’s Lake?

There’s an entrance fee here.

Resident – $13.00
Non-Resident – $16.00

(Devil’s Lake fees are higher than other WI State Parks but! Devil’s Lake State Park accepts National Park Passes as well!)

Where to stay at Devil’s Lake?

Burhop’s Lakeside Lodge: Why Burshop’s Lakeside Lodge? It’s because I took their elopement photos haha! Ok ok so Erica & Kauhane (The couple in this blog) are the owner of these BEAUTIFUL lakeside cabins! The reason why I recommend them is because these cabins are really cute and homie, perfect for an intimate elopement. They have been providing lodging accommodations for over 60 years and are the only resort on Lake Wisconsin that has true lakefront cabins. How cool is that??!! You can literally walk out of the front door and BAMM!! There’s the lake!! But the best part is that Erica & Kauhane are super nice people, they will take great care of you! Logistically, their cabins are only 20-30 mins drive from Devil’s Lake.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a very awesome place to stay while eloping here call them and tell them that Sam sent you there!

Check them out here

Let’s Elope!

Ready to plan your elopement in Devil’s Lake? Let’s send it!

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  1. This trail is incredible. It definitely inspired me to consider this location for photos in the future. Absolutely stunning.

  2. Wow what an amazing spot! The lodge sounds like such a wonderful spot to get ready and man what an incredible view for a short hike. Those cliff shots are so beautiful and the headlamp shots are super fun!

  3. This location is so pretty! I have never been to Wisconsin but now I might have to make the trip just to stay at those cabins and see that view. You captured their elopement beautifully and full of emotion. I love that they were able to include their cats in some photos, makes my heart happy!

    1. Thank you Katelyn! Erica the cabin owner will take great care of you! Definitely a must see place if you’re around Madison area

  4. BAMM!!! What a beautiful elopement! You really captured their emotions and I truly felt like a fly on the wall observing all these wonderful moments. Great job, great location!

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