my Photography Style

get comfortable using directions not poses

natural reactions, never forced smiles

memorable experience = memorable photos


Having a giant camera pointed at my face is intimidating... Getting extra posed makes us feel uncomfortable...  Don't worry! I have a system that will give you great photos and experience! Here's how I do it

Wedding Film

My filmmaking Style

film with intent: Not just show up and press record

UNique & personalized video



A video is just basically moving images with some sound. That's great, but film on the other hand has a story and evokes strong emotions. I make films.

I make films not videos!! 

The first reason is simple, the ability to SHARE... Most likely when you're eloping, you probably can't bring 100 people on top of the mountain with you. And although most couples don't celebrate their day with hundreds of people, they still want the ability to share those moments with their relatives. Film is a way for everyone (including your aunt Karen) to be able to see your wedding in whole without traveling to you.

There are       reasons why videos are so important.

The second reason is even more important, the EXPERIENCE... unlike photographs, you can't quite experience how you and your partner interacted, how you guys kissed, held hands, laughed, and loved. There's magic in emotions. There's also magic in hearing your partner's vows again, the sound of your partner laughing, the way he/she said "I love you". You can go back and relive that over and over again. How much would that experience be worth to you? The experience of cinema will bring you back to the day way better than photographs ever will. This is something I'm extremely passionate about and I would want to watch it every year on my anniversary, but I never got that chance. So don't make my mistake!






Hollywood quality for wedding films

Thank you! The only thing I can say about Fearless Elopement is Thank you! For months of planning a wedding trying to find the perfect vendors, worrying about budget; is it worth the money? will the videographers get in the way or do the day justice? It was a relief to find Sam and his team. Considering the constantly changing plans due to a global pandemic, Sam always made sure to make himself available to put my mind at ease that he will do whatever he could to make the day perfect. His quality of footage and editing style was more that I could have dreamed of having! I'm talking Hollywood quality for wedding films. I think the cherry on top of it all is we now have the ability to share our day with our friends and family that weren't able to attend due to COVID. If you're even considering a videographer, stop looking, you found your team right here! 10000% worth the investment. Honestly can not recommend this team enough.



- Catherine + Caleb

Video ReviewS

truly cares about you as a couple

 If you want your videographer / photographer to treat you like you are the only couple in the world, that yours is the most important wedding to ever happen, Sam is your guy. He was our videographer for our traditional wedding, but he still made every part of the day feel like an adventure. He is the kindest, most generous guy, who truly cares about you as a couple. It matters so much to him that your personalities are captured and you are thrilled with his work, and man let me tell you, we were. He did a BEAUTIFUL JOB. Do yourself a favor and just look at his work, it speaks for itself. On top of the actual quality of his stuff, I can't imagine anyone us filming us all day long being able to make us smile and laugh as much as he and his team did. We are extremely fortunate to have found and hired him



- Kelly + Ben


Video Review

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