HOw to elope

5 steps to the best day of your life

elopement isn't seen as less than traditional weddings, go crazy!

you can elope with just the two of you or with friends & Family

you can elope almost anywhere in the world so don't limit yourself

there are no rules!! 

4 things you should know about elopement

Keep it real

Let's dive in step by step!


Also, I don't just show up, shoot the photos, and leave... I am here to help you plan your elopement, guide you during the day, and serve as your personal advisor, and celebrate with you afterward!

(Great for pirates!)

how to elope in     steps


Step 1

Reach out

The first step to your dream elopement

Contact me via email or contact form to setup a quick phone call! I will reply within 24hrs!

While you're waiting, you totally should download my

P.S. I might start off the conversation with a meme :D

Step 2

Get to know you

Are we a good match?

2.1) The first phone call is where I get to know you guys and you get to know me. We are going to be talking about the vision of your day, when and where you want to elope, and what's important to you. If you have absolutely no idea... that's totally ok! That's why we're having this conversation!

2.2) Next , we're doing a zoom meeting. Going over more details about your day and design a custom elopement package for you

Step 3



After our zoom meeting, You should know at least, when you are you getting married and whether I'm the right photographer/filmmaker for you or not.

So if everything align, I would love the opportunity to capture your story!

Step 4



I'm going to be researching different locations, drafting timeline and coordinate different vendors for you.

We will be meeting on a regular bases to talk about to talk about your day in details. 

Step 5


It's happening!

It's finally here! I will be arriving at your location a few days early to make sure that if anything happens to my flight, the weather, or any hick up, we have all the time to correct it!

I will also be doing final location scouting and preparation to make sure everything will go as smooth as possible!!

Let's SEND IT!!

Request Detailed Pricing & Availability Information

I want to help you design your perfect adventure elopement!

Can't wait to hear more about you and your dope adventure! Fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch basically as soon as humanly possible.

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frequently asked questions

Depending on what state you elope in, some states don't require a witness at all, while some require 2 people.

Some states, believe it or not, do not require you to have an officiant. Some states do require an officiant. I'm also certified ordained from ULCM

All dresses are beautiful in their own way! But not all dresses are best in the wild. There are some things you need to consider when picking a dress for adventure outdoors wedding.  Read more

how much does it cost to elope

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