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I’m a wedding photographer in Phoenix, AZ, so I know a thing or two about what makes a good date night. Phoenix is a great city for date night because it has a great mix of desert landscapes, mountain vistas, and dynamic city life to go dates.

I’ve compile these dope spot for a great date night!

If you’re planning a night out with your partner, here are 7 date night ideas in Phoenix Arizona that will chill, fun, outgoing couples, and adventurous couple

Last updated: March 15 2023

Dobbins Lookout

If you love late night drive + awesome lookout + night cityscape This is the perfect place. You can drive all the way to the top and enjoy the 360 view of the valley. The entrance gate close at 7pm. I recommend going for sunset, parking can be a bit crazy

Cost: FREE
Location: South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ 85042

Hole in the Rock

Super easy hike Couples can take a short hike to the top of the rock formation and enjoy the panoramic views of the city and sunset together. Stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere create a romantic setting for watching the sunset and spending quality time with your partner.

Cost: FREE
Location: Tempe, AZ

Piestewa Peak

Couples can challenge themselves with a hike up to the summit, or opt for an easier trail that still offers stunning views. The sense of accomplishment from reaching the top, and the breathtaking scenery, create an exhilarating and memorable shared experience.

Cost: FREE
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Latin Dance night – The Duce

This is one of my fav! The Duce host a beginner latin dance lesson (almost) every Thursday night. Take your date to downtown phoenix, learn salsa or bachata for an hour and its open dance floor all night!

Cost: $10 Entery fee
Location: 525 S Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85004

Hot Air Balloon

The peaceful and serene atmosphere of a hot air balloon ride creates an intimate setting for couples to enjoy breathtaking views. It’s a chance to disconnect from the bustle of everyday life, and enjoy the beauty of the world from a new perspective, making it a truly special and meaningful date idea.

Cost: $200~ per 1 adult (price depends on season)
Location: 715 East Covey Lane Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85024

Top of the Rock

If you’re a foodie and looking for a more sophisticated dining experience with great of the valley, you can’t go wrong here. It’s like Dobbins Lookout with fine dining at the top.

Cost: $$$
Location: Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at The Buttes
2000 W Westcourt Way, Tempe, AZ 85282

Van camping

it offers a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend quality time with your partner in a peaceful environment and spend your days hiking, stars gazing, or watch movie while star gazing! You can also cook meals together on a portable stove or grill, which can be a fun and intimate bonding experience. Camping in a camper van offers a sense of privacy and seclusion that can be hard to find in other types of accommodation.

Cost: $200/night
Location: Anywhere

Escape Room

Thrilling and challenging experience that can bring couples closer together. The pressure of solving clues and escaping the room within a limited time frame can create an adrenaline rush and a sense of teamwork, which can be a great bonding experience. It’s a nice break from the usual date night routine of dinner and a movie.

Cost: $43 per person
Location: 7017 E MAIN ST & 7135 E MAIN ST, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251

La Gattara Cat Cafe

Do you love cat? This is a relaxing place to hang out with some cool cats, play cards, cats, listen to music, cats, use free wifi, cats, read books, cats, play a board game, cats, paint a cat, cats, and yoga with cats! Did I mention hang out with cats?

Cost: $18
Location: 147 E Garfield St, Phoenix, AZ 85004


a most contemporary bar and popular destination for martinis, crafted cocktails, and consistent cuisine. AZ88 also features ever-changing works of art much like its two neighboring museums.

Cost: $18-25
Location: 7353 Scottsdale Mall Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Quick Tips for Date Night

  • Mix it up don’t go for the usual
  • Leave your phone at home
  • Add a hint of effort
  • Have a plan B
  • Take Meca Root, thank me later


Honestly, If you love the outdoors, go with the camper van date night! It’s give you the comfort of a home but also get in chance for you to disconnect!

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