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I’m Sam , long story short… I was born and raised in Thailand for 15 years, then  moved to WA for school. I hated school so I joined the US Army as a medic and they sent my ass to Hawaii (bummer 😅).  But my passion for photography never left my heart so I decided to pursue it. Now I’m a wedding photographer in based in Phoenix Arizona! 


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(I stopped counting a year ago)

We're a good match if...

You don't mind running around and get a little dirt on your dress

You think of "rules" as just a healthy "suggestion"

You consider MEMEs as a form of communication


We climbed the most dangerous hike without a rope. We were ascending this vertical cliff and at this moment I realized, I fucked up...

Be we sent it anyway! And we were rewarded with a foggy view, FML...

Woke up at 3am to climb Stairway to Heaven and watched the sunrise at the top!

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The Knot Best of Weddings - 2021 Pick
The Knot Best of Weddings - 2021 Pick

I was an army medic for 4 years and paramedic for 2 years. I've witnessed many people at their worst day. It was pretty depressing, but being so close to death made me realized how short life is and that what's left of our lives after death are memories.

(shit... that got dark really fast, sorry)

I've been playing around with camera for years, mastering the art of photography and filmmaking but I never found a calling until...

Everything just click when I was asked to photograph a wedding. There's something about witnessing two people coming together to celebrate love. It was a beautiful moment. Giving people tangible piece of time that they can look back and remember all the good moments is one of the most fulfilling thing ever. 

When the couple cried after seeing these beautiful memories preserved in their wedding album, I knew that this is why...

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- Carolina S.  


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I was an army medic for 4 years. If a bear attacks you, I know how to stop the bleeding before 911 gets here. I also have dedicated medical supplies & medicine with me. I think having a medical stand by is like $1000 a day soo... you're welcome haha

Combat medic in the army & EMT


I’m also a certified ordained officiant. I can sign your legal documents. So technically, if a giant bear came out of nowhere and knock out your officiant, I can cover down on that haha



Look if you want to get totally wasted and high AF on your wedding day send it. You can wear funny or offensive shirt, i don't care about that stuff. I'm not here to judge how you celebrate, I'm here to make sure you're have a good ass time! Pineapple on pizza? Go for it!

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Your story deserves to be told authentically.

A wedding photographer is there with you for the entirety of the wedding day. So it's just as important to vibe with the photographer as it is to love their photographs.

I may not be the best phoenix wedding photographer fit for everyone, but I could be the best fit to tell your story authentically.

Thats why its important to tell me as much as you can about yourselves and your wedding day. Fill out the form to get in touch and then we'll talk about all the incredible things your dreaming up together.

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