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Top 7 scottsdale wedding venue – Guide, Tips

Scottsdale, AZ, is a haven for couples dreaming of a perfect wedding day, offering a plethora of stunning venues set against the picturesque Sonoran Desert. From luxurious resorts to exclusive country clubs and everything in between, Scottsdale boasts some of the best wedding venues that promise to bring your beautiful wedding to life. Whether you envision an intimate wedding with a desert oasis as your backdrop or a grand reception in a lavish ballroom, Scottsdale has no shortage of options to make your special day unforgettable. Let’s explore the top Scottsdale wedding venues that combine breathtaking landscapes, exquisite amenities, and impeccable service to create the ultimate wedding experience.

Top 7 Arizona Wedding Venues in Scottsdale

1. Sanctuary Camelback Mountain, A Gurney’s Resort & Spa

Vibe & Characteristics: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain is a luxurious Scottsdale resort that epitomizes elegance and serenity, making it an idyllic weddingArizona wedding venues offer a diverse range of settings, from the lush landscapes of golf clubs and country clubs to the luxurious amenities of Scottsdale resorts. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of venues like Desert Foothills or the modern elegance of places like ADERO Scottsdale, each venue promises to provide a stunning backdrop for your special day. With the Sonoran Desert’s natural beauty, Scottsdale’s wedding venues are sure to make your wedding day an exquisite and memorable affair.f venue for those who dream of a sophisticated affair. Nestled in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, this venue offers stunning views of Camelback Mountain, providing a breathtaking backdrop for your special day. The resort’s blend of modern amenities and natural beauty ensures a wedding experience that will be forever held in the hearts of you and your guests.

  • Amenities: Venue features Award-winning cuisine, full-service spa, personalized event planning, picturesque outdoor and indoor event spaces.
  • Capacity: Offers versatile spaces for intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, accommodating up to 200 guests.
  • Location: 5700 E McDonald Dr, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253.
  • Website: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

2. The Boulders Resort & Spa

Vibe & Characteristics: The Boulders Resort & Spa is renowned for its iconic desert landscape, featuring dramatic boulder formations and lush desert vegetation. This venue embodies the essence of a desert oasis, perfect for couples seeking a unique and natural setting for their wedding. The Boulders offers a tranquil retreat from the bustling city, with outdoor ceremony and reception spaces that immerse you and your guests in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

  • Amenities: Golf club, luxurious spa, custom menus, and breathtaking outdoor settings for ceremonies and receptions.
  • Capacity: Flexible event spaces for weddings of all sizes.
  • Location: 34631 N Tom Darlington Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85262.
  • Website: The Boulders Resort & Spa

3. ADERO Scottsdale, Autograph Collection

Vibe & Characteristics: ADERO Scottsdale, an Autograph Collection hotel, offers a contemporary and luxurious setting with panoramic views of the McDowell Mountains. This venue is perfect for couples who envision a modern wedding with an outdoor ceremony that captures the beauty of Scottsdale’s landscape. ADERO’s elevated position in the Sonoran Desert ensures a stunning backdrop of mountain views, making it an luxurious wedding venue for your dream day.

  • Amenities: Outdoor terraces, wellness spa, custom dining experiences, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain for your ceremony and reception.
  • Capacity: Accommodates up to 200 guests in flexible event spaces.
  • Location: 13225 N Eagle Ridge Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85268.
  • Website: ADERO Scottsdale

4. Desert Foothills Event Center

Vibe & Characteristics: Desert Foothills Event Center is the epitome of rustic charm, set against the stunning landscape of North desert landscape. This venue offers both indoor and outdoor event spaces that capture the essence of Arizona, making it ideal for couples who desire a wedding that embodies the spirit of the Sonoran Desert. With the Arizona sunset painting the sky, Desert Foothills provides a picturesque setting for both your ceremony and reception.

  • Amenities: Customizable spaces, preferred vendors, and on-site wedding coordinators to bring your wedding to life.
  • Capacity: Versatile for any size event.
  • Location: North Scottsdale, specific address available upon request.
  • Website: Desert Foothills

5. The Clayton House

Vibe & Characteristics: The Clayton House is a modern and chic venue located near Old Town Scottsdale. Its industrial chic design, combined with state-of-the-art amenities, makes it a perfect venue for a stylish and contemporary wedding. The Clayton House offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing for a seamless transition from your wedding ceremony to a grand reception inside their elegant ballroom.

  • Amenities: Customizable event spaces, in-house catering, and a dedicated team to ensure your wedding day is flawless.
  • Capacity: Up to 700 guests, making it ideal for both intimate and large weddings.
  • Location: 3719 N 75th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.
  • Website: The Clayton House

6. Dolce Events AZ

Vibe & Characteristics: Dolce Events AZ is a luxury wedding venue in Scottsdale, offering a blend of elegance, sophistication, and modern design. This venue is dedicated to creating an unforgettable wedding experience, with indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to any vision. Whether you’re planning a lavish reception or a serene outdoor ceremony, Dolce Events AZ provides the perfect setting to make your dream wedding a reality.

  • Amenities: Luxurious indoor and outdoor event spaces, custom catering, and a dedicated event team. great bridal suite
  • Capacity: Offers a range of options to accommodate different event sizes.
  • Location: Central Scottsdale, specific address available upon request.
  • Website: Dolce Events AZ

7. Scottsdale Hangar One

Vibe & Characteristics: Scottsdale Hangar One offers an unconventional and memorable venue for your day. This expansive hangar space can be transformed to fit any theme, from a glamorous reception to a chic industrial ceremony. The unique setting provides a blank canvas for couples to create a truly personalized wedding experience, with the stunning Sonoran Desert and clear skies.

  • Amenities: Versatile space, preferred vendor list, and ample parking for guests.
  • Capacity: Ideal for large weddings and events.
  • Location: Scottsdale Airpark, specific address available upon request.
  • Website: Scottsdale Hangar One

How to Pick the best Scottsdale Wedding Venue

Choosing the best wedding venue in Scottsdale, or anywhere, is a pivotal decision in the wedding planning process, as it sets the tone for your entire event. Start by envisioning your wedding and consider factors such as the venue’s capacity, location, and available amenities. Think about the style and vibe you want for your special day—do you see yourself having an outdoor ceremony with the Sonoran Desert as your background, or do you prefer the elegance of a ballroom reception? Evaluate the level of service and flexibility the venue offers, including catering options and on-site coordination. Finally, consider the experiences of other couples through reviews and testimonials to ensure the venue aligns with your expectations and budget.

Is Scottsdale Too Hot for an Outdoor Wedding?

Scottsdale’s climate is characterized by its hot desert temperatures, especially in the summer months. The key is to choose the right time of year—typically late fall through early spring, when the weather is milder and more comfortable for outdoor events. Venues in Scottsdale are well-equipped to host outdoor weddings, often providing amenities like misting systems, shaded areas, and indoor-outdoor options to ensure guests stay cool. Sunset ceremonies can also capitalize on cooler temperatures and provide a stunning backdrop of vibrant colors.

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding Venue in Scottsdale?

The cost of a wedding venue in Scottsdale can vary widely based on several factors, including the venue’s location, size, and the amenities offered.  On average, couples can expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 for their wedding venue, with luxury resorts and exclusive country clubs at the higher end of the spectrum. This price typically includes the rental fee, basic amenities, and may also cover catering and event coordination services. To get the best value, consider wedding packages offered by venues, which can bundle services at a more favorable rate. Remember, detailed quotes from your shortlisted venues will give you the most accurate picture of your potential expenses.


Scottsdale stands out as a premier destination for weddings, offering a diverse array of venues that will bring your dream wedding to life. From the breathtaking beauty of the Sonoran Desert to the luxurious amenities of upscale resorts, Scottsdale provides the perfect location for your special day. When selecting your venue, consider the style, location, and services that align with your vision and budget. Despite the heat, with thoughtful planning, an outdoor wedding in Scottsdale can be a comfortable and picturesque affair. The cost of wedding venues in Scottsdale varies, but with careful research and planning, you can find the perfect venue to bring your wedding to life. Remember, your day is a reflection of your love story—choose a Arizona wedding venue that feels right for you and your partner, and your day will surely be unforgettable.

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