The Abbey on Monre

The Abbey on Monroe is one of the most UNIQUE venue in Arizona. In a sea of garden venues, it’s hard to find something so historic, elegant, and majestic.

Located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, the standout feature of this venue is its picturesque architecture of a run-down church. It’s giving i’m getting married in a castle in Ireland vibe. The venue absolutely shines about an hour before golden hour which give you a very unique images with hard light; creating very interesting & unique images

Ceremony and Reception Spaces

courtyard 2

The obvious choice for ceremony & reception is the open courtyard in the middle of the property. Honestly unless its raining, i don’t see why you should pick anywhere else. The courtyard is surrounded by beautiful and historic brick walls 360, the iconic facade of this building create a jaw dropping backdrop and minimal vegetation to keep the space interesting.

I would love to see couple integrate string lights for this space

courtyard 3

Note: The abbey on Monroe does have a room that can fit 300 people just in case it does rain which is super handy!

Lastly, Abbey on Monroe has features an additional spaces with interesting rooms, stairs, and open spaces throughout that makes for a great cocktail hour or getting ready space

extran room 2

With tons of extra room, you could take advantage of it by using them as getting ready locations. It has plenty of natural light coming in from windows and you make up team will be super happy with all the spaces available. This also give me the photographer, a bunch of area I can take your wedding portraits.

Most wedding venue usually doesn’t look good during harsh sunlight but I would say that this venue shine during late afternoon, Even more so than golden hour. If you’re the type of couple that appreciate artful imagery. This is a dream wedding for you.

getting ready room

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Amenities at Abbey on Monroe


Probably the coolest amenity at The Abbey on Monroe wedding venue is its architecture. The fact that this is located in the middle of downtown phoenix, makes it even more impressive. If this is a destination wedding for you, your guests can easily find close hotels nearby! But that’s not the only thing this venue has.

From the images you would think that this venue is just cool walls with courtyard in the middle but you’d be dead wrong. There are impressive balconies and rooftop access for awesome photo opportunity

Also industrial size kitchen, loading spaces, ELEVATOR!! and tons of storage rooms which is super useful for all your wedding vendors to create the best experience for your special day or for your grandparents to go up and down stairs.

Other amenities that the Abbey on Monroe does allow for other type of events here as well!

The Abbey on Monroe Packages and Cost


Because the venue is relatively new the cost for weddings at The Abbey on Monroe is not available online. from the time of this writing the venue actually still going on a remodeling but should be 100% done in 6months to 2 years time frame. That said, you can still reserve this venue as your wedding venue but you might not get access to all the little details.

To reach out to the venue directly you can check out their website here!

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