01. Inquire

You’ve read through my website, and you know what I’m all about. Basically, we’re vibing and you think I may be your wedding photographer. So you’ll fill out this form here, so that I can learn a little more about you and make sure I’m available. 

02. Getting to know each other

As luck would have it, I have your day open. We will schedule a zoom or an in person meeting where I will get to hang out with the both of you and find out your unique story and the things you value most. While we’re talking I will build out a custom created collection that emphasizes capturing the moments you truly value most and keeping the experience front and center. 

03. Planning for the Future

You’ve booked me for your wedding date, and I am officially your wedding photographer. From this moment on I am on your side through thick and thin. I am going to be sending over my full wedding guide with all the information you need to make sure the moments you want are captured. 

04. Engagement session

No BS, this is absolutely necessary. My engagement sessions are entirely different from what you’d expect, think about it as a stress-relieving date night for you and your partner. We’re going to be laughing and creating incredible memories, getting you used to the way I photograph and taking away those pre-wedding photography jitters you might have. At the end, you’ll have photographs you’ll obsess over, a really cool memory and you get to show off your partner. 

05. Wedding day

This is it, it’s the day we have all been waiting for. You’ve read through the guides I sent, asked me all the questions and now all you have to do is be yourselves. There will be laughs, happy tears, new inside jokes, and incredible things happening all day. I’ll be there to capture your story and give it back to you to tell your family for years. 

06. Album design

Think of this as celebrating your wedding part two. It’s about ten weeks after your wedding, you’ve been super patient and I've been hard at work editing and perfecting the story of your day. In addition to color-grading, blemish removal and picking all the best images of the day out I’ve also been designing your museum-grade heirloom album. We will meet up or zoom in to go over the final design of that album and talk about everything that happened on your wedding day. 


About wedding Film

More than just moving images over music. It’s a way to not just relive moment to moment but to have your story told and have those that couldn’t make it be a part of it. With a wedding film you can see your entire day again, hear your vows again, and be instantly brought back in. Not every couple needs a luxury wedding film but for those that appreciate cinematic storytelling,  contact for me here for more info

want your romantic adventure to be captured like this?

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Although I would love to be the best wedding photographer for every couples. That's not how it works. I usually connect very well with couples that are...

-  Care deeply about each other and not afraid to show it
-  Laid back but also super adventurous!
-  Give little shit about other people's opinion
Love goofy & funny photos but also emotional ones
Travel addicts
-  Don't mind getting their hands a little dirty
Stand up comedy is their jam!

Getting comfortable and getting to know who you guys are as a couple allow me to capture and create photographs that is true to y'all. Those weddings photos that you saw were possible because of my relationship with those couples. 

I know we haven't met but if you feel my vibe then reach out and I will get back to you ASAP!

The type of Couples I LOVE to photograph

my Photography Style

get comfortable using directions not poses

natural reactions, never forced smiles

memorable experience = memorable photos


Having a giant camera pointed at my face is intimidating... Getting extra posed makes us feel uncomfortable...  Don't worry! I have a system that will give you a great photography experience! Here's how I do it:

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