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Where To Elope? How To Pick The Best Elopement Location?

Bobbie + Grayson Zion National Park Elopement

I want to elope, but where should i go? Finding an easy place to elope near you is not easy haha. Sometimes you’re not located near a National Park or a cool location. And you’re thinking about traveling somewhere awesome to celebrate your love, because you want it to be an adventure, but WHERE?! There are 423 National Parks in the United States; where should I elope?

Whether you’re looking for the best places to get married with just the two of us or with friends & family, I got you!

Here are 5 things you need to think about when picking your elopement location:

1. Scenery

This is where you throw away “what makes sense” and just DREAM! Close your eyes and imagine where is it that you want to say your vows. What location makes you feel the most alive? What location excites you the most? Is it on a beach in Hawaii? Or is it on top of the mountain in Yosemite? OR do you want to experience a totally new landscape outside of the United States? Dream BIG!

2. Season

Different seasons give you different moods when you elope. In the Spring, waterfalls are flowing the best. Fall has that beautiful orange color and nice cool weather. Summer gives you that clear sky and warmer temperature. And winter wonderland is its own beauty! Remember that some locations might not be accessible during the winter due to road closure (i.e. top of a mountain somewhere). You can’t control the weather the day of your elopement but picking the right season is a good start!

3. Accessibility

How far do you want to hike for your elopement? Or not hike at all? Should you change at the end of the hike or hike in your wedding attire? If you have friends and family coming along with you, hiking up 4,000ft of elevation over 10mi with your 90 year old grandparents might not be the best idea.

The most important thing is to think about what would be the most FUN for you two. Maybe it will be more fun take your Jeep Off-Roading to your final destination or take a helicopter ride to the top of the mountain and skip hiking all together!

4. Privacy

Zion National Park,. Privacy is going to be hard to find in these super beautiful and well-known places. Remember that the easier the place you want to go to, the more people will be there. For example, Horseshoe Bend at The Grand Canyon is SUPER PACKED with people because it’s super popular and very easy to access due to its short, flat, and paved trail. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wake up early and get a whole place to yourself or pick a more challenging hike to avoid the crowds.

5. Budget

Do you know how much the average couple in the US spends on their wedding? $34,000. Couples that elope usually spend around $8000-$20,000 on their elopement. And the best part is usually if you travel somewhere for an elopement, you roll right into your honeymoon which makes your whole wedding experience last longer than just one day. International elopements are more expensive than eloping in United States. You certainly can spend more or less depending on what’s important to you.

If you want to see a wedding vs elopement cost breakdown you should check out my blog here where I breakdown the average cost of an elopement.

Elopement Packages

Speaking of budgeting, I have different elopement packages that are customizable depending on your elopement needs and wants. If you want more information regarding my pricing & availability click here

So now, Where should you elope?

Here are some of the guide i wrote on kick ass places to elope

Zion National Park / Lake Tahoe / WisconsinDevils Lake

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