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For fearless couples who live life on the edge



We were looking for more than just a good photographer to take good pictures of us. We were looking for someone, who we deeply connect and resonate with. And Sam ticked all those boxes for us.

He helped us create an experience far better than our wildest dreams. Everything about Sam’s approach was outstanding. From his meticulous planning and attention to every detail, to his dedication on the days in helping us create the memories we dream about. That is why the photos he took on those days are more than just that. They have become happy memories that we look back and get all smiles.

If you want to create priceless memories and have the time of your lives, stop looking any further. It doesn’t get better than Sam. Now go and talk to him already! 😁

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Medical background – military + EMT

Not just a CPR certification, that’s is child’s play… through out your adventure, I can take care of you. Whether its just a rolled ankle, leg amputation, or you need to call a helicopter to come pick you up, i gotchu!

Official Ordaination

I can sign your marriage license and keep things super intimate!

Getting Ready on wheel (VAN)

If you haven’t figure it out, I owned a camper van and when you’re out on an adventure in some remote destination and need a place to get ready… I gotchu babyyyy… having a getting ready space on wheel is kinda clutch! a few of my couples actually used my van as a getting ready location before

Adventure Lifestyle

When you’re getting married outdoors, do you want someone who’s high maintenance? or do you want someone who’s easy going and smile whether it’s rain or shine? Exactly


First step toward your dream wedding

Your story DESERVES to be told authentically.

An elopement photographer is there with you for the entirety of the wedding day. So it’s just as important to vibe with the photographer as it is to love their photographs.

I may not be the best wedding photographer fit for everyone, but I could be the best fit to tell your story authentically. Fill out the form to get in touch and then we’ll talk about all the incredible things your dreaming up together.

Elopement Planning Resources

I’m committed to being the best wedding photographer I can be. The way I do this is be personable with all my couples and also create helpful wedding planning guide for them. So, I regularly write helpful guide to help you have the best wedding day experience possible.

Destination wedding Photographer

candid wedding photographs

Arizona Elopement Photographer based in Phoenix, AZ. Serving couples Worldwide

You should do whatever you want on your wedding day.
Too often, couples regret playing it safe

I say we do something different

My photography style focus on capturing real moments both big and small
You could say…


Let’s make this one hell of an adventure, be present!
I’ll be there to capture it all…

Intentional Experience in epic location


Too often, couples find themselves constrained by the ordinary, feeling confined to overly posed and predictable moments. You’ve journeyed this far together, so why not let your hearts soar even higher?

But I’m here to say, let’s break free from the ordinary. Let’s get wild!

My style of wedding photography is as adventurous as your spirits, as intentional as your love story. Imagine a fusion of Humanity’s deep connection with nature and the Wonder and Awe of the great outdoors.

So go ahead. Lean into the wilderness. Revel in your day. Pour another glass under the open sky. Steal a kiss amidst the breathtaking landscapes. Feel the earth beneath your adventurous souls.

Let’s make this a bucketlist adventure

I’ll be there to capture it all

Guide my couple up America’s most dangerous hike