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too often, couples regret settling for stressful and bland weddings experience
I say, let's break the rules! Let's do something that make you feel alive!

My style focuses on planning the day to be about you and capture it in a way that allow you to enjoy the moments, think...

most weddings are STRESSFUL AND fell the same...

I say, let's be unapologetically yourself

let's be fearless!


epic & emotion driven memories

real emotions, epic moments

So let's make this a bucketlist adventure. Make it all about you!
celebrate your love your way. be totally present!
I'll be there to capture it all




The Knot Best of Weddings - 2021 Pick

FOR adventurous COUPLES who value living in the moment

Ever find yourself thinking...

I want  more time with my partner at our wedding

Wedding planing is so damn stressful!

"weddingS ARE for the guests, honeymoonS ARE for the coupleS"


Oof... that last one thou 😬 However, yours doesn't have to be like that. I'm here to tell you that there's another way! 


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You deserve a wedding that...

Focus on you, the couple, not the guests
Full of unforgettable experiences

Less stress, duh..


I'm here to guide you to the best day ever!


Meet Sam

About me

planned the perfect day for our personalities

If you are even slightly considering eloping but have your doubts, I would 100% recommend talking to Sam. We planned a regular wedding that COVID ruined and I have to say from the beginning of planning our adventure elopement with Sam it felt more personal and enjoyable than any of the venues we had visited and ultimately the one we had chosen previously. His pictures speak for themselves but the work behind the camera is also extraordinary. He got to know us so well he was the one that planned the perfect day for our personalities, helped us choose a location knowing we loved hiking and being near water, brought a pour over set knowing we enjoy a hot cup of coffee more than anything, even played music we liked during the hike, because he had taken the time to really discuss what we like and what makes us who we are. Having planned both a regular wedding, and ultimately the adventure elopement of our dreams, we can say the care that Sam took for us had no comparison to every pushy salesperson we met at wedding venues.

In a time where the wedding industry has turned distant and extremely expensive, Sam made it enjoyable, affordable, and helped us plan a day we enjoyed every second of.



- Carolina S.

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best decision I ever made

If you want your wedding to be next level, then hire Sam ASAP! I couldn’t begin to recommend him more. Our wedding was cancelled 3 times due to the pandemic, so we decided to elope to Lake Geneva. We hired Sam as our videographer and it was the best decision I ever made, next to choosing my groom of course. Not only did he spend the day with us, he helped me plan the elopement in 2 weeks to make it absolutely perfect. He helped me with making a schedule for the day, made our dinner plans, even brought Christmas lights to string in our villa to have special lighting for dinner. I wouldn’t even want the original wedding we planned in Turks and Caicos because Sam made everything so perfect. I can’t tell you how many complements we have gotten on the trailer video, we don’t even have the full video yet! My new husband and I are pretty shy in front of a camera, but Sam captured the love between us and made us look so comfortable in the spot light. He also brought a photographer with him, so I didn’t have to worry about coordinating a photographer and videographer to work together. We eloped just the two of us, so it was important for me to have a video to show my family and friends since no one was there. Every person that we have showed the trailer to has cried and said how perfect everything looked. Especially if you are considering an elopement... you need to hire Sam!



- Liz L.

more than just someone who produces photos

The photos look straight out of a magazine and even better than the photos on my wedding dream board. I don’t need to convince you. Instead, I’ll brag about how amazing it was to work with Sam as more than just someone who produces photos. When you are doing hours or even days of photo shoots, do you want someone who you feel uncomfortable around? Someone who feels very ‘commercial’ and not genuine? Someone who just takes pictures and doesn’t help you pose or feel confident/amazing during the process? Because we saw a LOT of that with other couples & elopement photographers on our trip. That is the exact OPPOSITE of Sam. We had a group of about 20 people & Sam fit in so quickly, we forgot he was even there! He was laughing & striking up conversations with the groomsmen, playing with my little brothers, & taking amazing couples portraits of our parents so they also had keepsakes. That is unheard of in a photographer. To top it off, Sam takes all the stress out of planning. He identifies locations, maps out timelines, brings equipment to communicate with multiple parties of the elopement for coordination. If you are a crazy planner like I am & think you have it all covered, you will be even more blessed & thankful to work with Sam. I had planned out the elopement, the location, the timeline and all. I got to Yosemite, scoped out the sight & thought I was good to go. Then Sam sent me photos of crazy unbeatable views that definitely weren’t from the site I chose......>>>



- Jenna C.

warning: LONG ASS Review!!

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more than just someone who produces photos

They were 10x better & more accessible for our wedding party. The morning of my sunrise wedding, everyone was running 35 minutes late & I was terrified that I would have to go coordinate my OWN wedding in my WEDDING DRESS while the groom and every sees me, completely ruining the surprise and magic of a wedding. Uh-uh. We get there, Sam is on walkie-talkies, the whole party is set-up, the groom is turned so he doesn’t see me, and it looks like the site and party had been prepared for hours before when in reality we were wayyy behind the timeline. Just imagine the amount of coordination that the wedding planner from “Bride Wars” had to go through to do both Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson’s wedding AT THE SAME TIME at the Plaza....that was Sam but he was also photographing the wedding....while on a mountain....insane. If you spend money on anything to make your wedding look like a million bucks, it is Sams photography skills. He plans, coordinates, finds all the secret spots, rally’s the troops and prevents any family drama, takes expert level photos, brings a speaker for music, and above all is a blast to hangout with. What else do you even need for an elopement? He does it all. He will photograph us for every major event and our children’s events too because that is how much we love Sam as a person and photographer. Don’t even debate it, just book him.



- Jenna C.

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