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How to pick Elopement dresses for Adventure Wedding

bride running on the beach in her elopement dress at her adventurous wedding
  • What types of dresses will be most ideal for your unique adventure?
  • Are you hiking to your ceremony location, or will you be riding in a car/Jeep/helicopter/ski lift most of the way?
  • What’s the terrain and landscape going to be like?

There are many questions to ask yourself when searching for your dress, but here are a few elopement dress ideas and tips for what to look for.

Also, since most likely that you will be outdoor, there’s a chance that your dress will get dirty! but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! Dirty dress is like a badge of honor in the elopement world haha

Elopement Dresses for the Adventurous Bride

1. Consider Mobility, Packability, and Weight

Are you planning on wearing your wedding dress during your elopement journey, or do you plan on packing your dress and changing once you’ve reached your ceremony location?

Packing a wedding dress can be easy! We suggest folding it, with lots of love, in a garment bag, and strapping it to your backpack. You can also easily strap your bouquet to the outside of your backpack as well.

Whatever your answers are, you need to decide if you’re comfortable in the dress. You just don’t want to feel restricted or tired from the heavy layers during your wedding day.

2. Dress Fabrics For Elopements

We love light and airy fabrics for extra adventurous couples who are not afraid to do something different like snowboarding or hiking. Whether you’re shopping online or in-person for your elopement dress, consider chiffon, tulle, and organza as some traditional fabrics that will be lightweight. We personally love these fabrics because the wind will easily carry the layers, allowing light to filter through.

Heavier fabrics such as silk, polyester, and satin. These fabrics create a beautiful shine and texture! Since these fabrics are on the heavier side, they will also be less breathable, so we don’t recommend these for tropical elopements. However, these fabrics will keep you warmer during colder weather.

Lace is our favorite elopement dress fabric for adventurous and boho brides! Lace is flowy, easy to move in, and won’t wrinkle! You can easily pack a lace elopement dress in your hiking backpack and head out to your ceremony location.

3. Wedding Dress Styles to Consider for Your Elopement

Since you’re having an elopement, you want to make sure you can move! For this reason ballgown styles are not ideal for adventure elopements that require a lot of activity. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t pack your dress with you and wear it during your ceremony! Usually A-lines, Fit-and-Flares, and Two-Pieces gowns for elopements are great! These styles give great natural movement and are fun to play with during wedding portraits.

 Elopement Dresses Prices

Just because you’re buying a wedding dress for your elopement, doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank! Wedding dresses are typically very pricey, and you also have to consider alterations and bridal accessories.

If you decided to elope, however, you probably decided to elope to not just have an epic adventure, but also to save some money. Elopement dresses don’t need to be overly expensive. Contrary to popular belief, you can wear whatever you want on your wedding day.

Our favorite elopement dresses are actually some of the more affordable options we know you’ll love. To our surprise, you can shop at a lot of places to find the perfect wedding dress for your elopement.

Top 4 Tips When Looking for Wedding Dresses:

  1. Do your research. This tip is SUPER important when shopping for affordable dresses. This is still your wedding day, and you deserve to look amazing! We love reading website reviews and watching YouTube reviews.
  2. Online Shopping and try multiple ones at home! Retail shops are realizing how important online shopping is for brides. If you don’t love it, then easily return it!
  3. You don’t need to wear white if you don’t want to. A little controversial, but I’m a big believer of being true to you.
  4. Pick something that you will feel comfortable and love! At the end of the day, it’s YOUR day.

Elopement Dresses Recommendations

We compiled this list of some of our favorite wedding dress options for the adventurous bride.

All Who Wander

NORTH Bohemian Lace and Floral Wedding Dress by All Who Wander

If you’re an adventurous bride planning a bohemian wedding, then this is wedding dress brand is definitely a must see! Not only does their dress some of the best looking BoHo style, it’s also great for beach or mountain elopement.

Available at retailers across the globe, All Who Wander offers effortless silhouettes of retro-inspired laces, exotic patterns and rustic fringe details—for a design that speaks to your adventure of lifelong love like never before

Lovers Society

Another boho style elopement dress for ya! Chances are you probably seen some of their dress on #elopementdress somewhere on IG. Main focus on using lace, their wedding dresses are elegant and beautiful.


Amazon is slowly taking over the world! You can find anything on their site, including wedding dresses! I’m a big fan of experience > things. memories over stuffs. If wedding dress isn’t something that you put on a pedestal then try amazon! With just a bit of research You might be surprise at what you find!

I did a styled shoot with this dress and honestly it’s so nice!

This is the perfect dress! Color was gorgeous. It was my first time ordering a dress from Amazon and I would 100% order more dress from here in the future. The fit was great. I didn’t need to wear a bra either. Put this dress in your cart and buy it, you won’t regret it!

We also love Amazon’s options for Boho Wedding Dresses. 

Shop our favorite dress.

Bride with a Cause

This is kinda cool! Fashion isn’t great for the environment. Brides for a Cause was founded in 2012 in Portland, OR. Funds raised from collecting and reselling wedding dresses are dispersed among a variety of women-focused charities around the US. Since 2012, Brides for a Cause has collected over 15,000 wedding dresses and given away over $1,000,000 to charity!

visit their website


Buy a wedding dress made by hand and with love. Etsy is home to creative souls who sell their work to people looking for something unique and beautiful. There are so many options when trying to find a beautiful and cheap wedding dress here.

“I love Olya Silk & Lace on Etsy for elopement dresses because elopements are all about focusing on the love you share, not on spending an insane amount of money on one day. They are affordable, gorgeous, and perfect for the adventurous bride.” [Tessa]

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