5 Tips To Have A Stress Free Elopement And The Best Photographs EVER

See that image up there? That’s how you should feel on your wedding day. That’s what a stress free elopement is like!

  • You should have time to enjoy each other’s company
  • You shouldn’t worry about what’s next after the cake cutting
  • You should feel the love you have for each other not the stress

Look, the reason you elope is because you actually want to ENJOY your wedding day. You don’t feel like dropping $33,900 on a traditional wedding just to feel stressed out. That doesn’t make sense.

Elopement is new and full of freedom to do whatever the hell you want. But with all that freedom comes with more choices as well.

Flexible Date

This works really well if you don’t have a venue involved and you’re planning on eloping outdoors.

What is flexible date?

Basically you pick a date that you want to get married, then give yourself a day before and a day after as a possible date. Without the venue involved, this is great because if it does rain on the day you pick, you can move it to a different date. Most elopements take place outside, so this is very helpful to keep the stress off of you. If you don’t have a date that has specific meaning to you., then I recommend a flexible date.

Prioritize Yourself

This is why you elope in the first place, because you want it to be about you and your partner.

However, sometimes family & friends really want to be involved, and some might even be unsupportive of your decision. This makes the process more stressful because now you’re wondering whether you should include them?

Here’s what you should do, ask yourself this question.

  • Is it going to make me happy?

If you answer Yes, then go for it. But a word of advice from my previous couple:

For future couples we have one piece of advice that we follow, not only for wedding planning, but for all decisions we make together in life. Everyone around you will have an opinion about your choices. As a couple, the best thing you can do is ignore the outside comments and always make decisions that make the two of you happy.

We faced criticism when we decided to elope, but listened to what made us happy and hired Sam anyways. It ended up being the experience of a lifetime. There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t think back and are thankful for the gorgeous views, the beautiful pictures, and all the fun we had on our wedding day. We also got to save all the money that would’ve been spent on a traditional wedding and were able to invest in our first home. Only good things come when all your decisions are based on you and your partner’s happiness. 

– Carolina

Make a decisions that are based on you and your partner’s happiness will be great I promise!

Be Present

How I you will feel when you see your wedding photos

Yes yes it will be super epic! But it will also scream “That is so us!”

For you to be like Poe from KungFu Panda, it’s important that you do you. Meaning that on your wedding day, if you feel like grabbing a bite at Chipotle or hit up a local brewery last minute, send it! If you feel like being silly and a total dork, do it. To have a stress free elopement, you have to let go of the expectation and focus on the present!

Many couples worried too much about what their family / friends will think of them.

Instead, be here now… enjoy this moment… You’re so blessed to be here. Nothing bad can happen as long as you’re with the person you love most.

Photographer specialized in elopement

When you elope, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Tons of beautiful locations to choose from, logistics, planning, and timeline. It’s not like you can ask your parents or grandparents “how was your elopement?”

This is why a photographer specialized in elopement like myself is important. I know how to handle the logistics of destination elopements. There are many little things that make your experience goes smoothly.

Good Story

Things will go wrong no matter how much you prepare. When you elope in the mountains, the weather WILL be very unpredictable. It might rain, your partner might roll his/her ankle, you may have change locations, your dress might get dirty, or your car might get stuck on the muddy trail.

Sometimes you just got to go with the flow and tell yourself that whatever happens, it will makes a good story!

I got you!

It takes a lot of work to plan a stress free elopement, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow these elopement planning tips you will have a great elopement!

When you choose me as a photographer, you get to be unapologetically yourself and celebrate your love your way. You’ll have Epic and Emotional images captured by a photographer full of passion and snacks haha

If you’d like to chat more about your elopement, fill out the contact form here! I’d love to chat and answer your questions

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