Elopement Packages and Costs.

Alright! Let’s talk money! Part of the reason couples choose to elope is because it make sense financially. Generally speaking, elopement packages are cheaper than typical weddings because you don’t have to pay for tons for big expensive venue to host hundreds of people and entertainment.

With that in mind….

How much does an elopement cost?

Elopement isn’t a cheaper way of getting married. Because you can still have traditional wedding and keep it cheap. It because the intimate and small nature of elopement that gives it smaller price point.

It can still be luxury, depending on what you envision for your big day! You will spend more if you want to get married in a 5-star luxury beach resort on the Maldives, premium dress of your dream, and the most beautiful tablespace you saw on Pinterest, then you probably will be spending more. But even with all that, it surprise to find out that the cost is relatively similar to having a small traditional wedding

Everyone is different. With different personalities, hobbies, and wants, there is no way of giving you an amount as the costs depend on what YOU want!

If saving money is the most important reason for you, then remember that you can still just get married at the courthouse and called it good…

However, it’s the experience that pushes most of my couple to elope. The opportunity to truly feel free, happy, and totally in love without stress or worries. The low pressure environment that allow your personality to shine through and give you the experience that you won’t forget.

How much does it cost to elope?

Here, I gather all the data from my previous couples, and here’s what I found.


What you’re paying for:

  • Photographer ~$5,000
  • Wedding dress / attire ~$3,000
  • Venue ~ $11,000
  • DJ / Band ~$1,200
  • Officiant ~$700
  • Flowers ~$1,800
  • Hair and Make Up ~$400
  • Caterers / Food for Guests ~$7,000
  • Cake ~$500
  • Event Planner ~ $2,500
  • Travel and Accommodation ~$800

What you’re paying for:

  • Photographer ~$6.000
  • Wedding dress / attire ~$3,000
  • Not really a venue, just a wedding permit ~$150
  • Officiant ~$550
  • Flowers ~$550
  • Hair and Make Up ~$400
  • Caterers / Food for Guests (if you decide to have some) ~$400
  • Cake ~$300
  • Event Planner (some elopements with guests might need an elopement planner) ~$2,200
  • Travel and Accommodation ~$1800
  • An epic adventure & long lasting memories ~$Priceless
  • A personalized experience ~$Priceless

As you can see, majority of the cost from most of the elopement packages are from elopement photographer. Without having to pay for big venue, and feed all those people, most couples double down on high quality photographs, and there’s a good reason why

Elopement photographers are typically also a planner, the guide, pack mule, hype girl (or guy). So most couples get more than just photographs from their elopement photographer. They get the experience as well

Elopement Cost vs Traditional Wedding Cost

According to The Knot. Wedding cost on average $33,900 in America

weddings cost an average of $33,900 in 2019, including all the expenses related to the engagement ring, ceremony and reception


Yeah that’s pretty crazy!

But this isn’t me judging on people who spent a fortune on their wedding. It’s their wedding, they can do whatever they want. If it makes them happy then yeah! Go for it! But traditional weddings aren’t for everyone…

The purpose of this blog is to give you a perspective on cost and price point.


Elopement packages offer a more intimate experience at a lower price point than traditional wedding. Here at Fearless Elopement, my elopement packages start at 3500. But yours might be different. If you want me to give you a more accurate price point for your elopement, contact me! here

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