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5 Things Photographers Need to Elevate Their Client Experience.

So you already have your cameras and lenses but you’re looking to elevate your client experience so they won’t shut up about how great you are! Here’s a list of 5 items that helps give my clients the ultimate experience.


Bring a speaker to play music! I can’t even go to a shoot without one anymore! It creates a very nice vibe for your clients, allowing them to let loose around you. You will find it much easier to have a conversation, connect, and work with relaxing couples. Here’s what I personally use:

JBL Clip 3

Lip Balm

When you’re outside a lot like me, your lips can get dry. And dry lips are a big no no when it comes to PDA haha. This is extremely helpful especially when your clients kiss each other a lot during a wedding or an engagement shoot. This little thing is such a useful item that helps your couples enjoy each other! I bought like a pack of 50 chap-sticks so that I can hand it out to them!


First Aid Kit

Ever want to feel like a superhero during your photoshoot? This is something that I don’t use in every session but when I did use it, I got the best review from the couples! You can use Band-Aid to help get rid of that annoying pain from the heel that keep rubbing her feet. If they have a headache, poof! It’s not something people usually think about however, “A healthy man has a thousand wishes but a sick man only has one”. I built my own first aid kit because I had prior military medical experience, but you can get yourself a simple kit here.

First Aid Kit

Hand Warmer

If you’re going somewhere cold, I mean very cold, like on top of a mountain in Colorado cold… or Wisconsin winter cold, then this is GOLD! Seriously, you can’t do anything when it’s too cold out. When you bust out some of these bad boys in front of your couple, you will see the biggest smile on their face!

Hand Warmer


Now the opposite of hand warmers, cooler! If you’re in somewhere hot AF like Arizona, then keep a cooler in your car or somewhere you can access it easily! Nothing raises your clients’ experience like an ice-cold water or beer on a hot summer day. I recommend a Yeti!


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