Top 9 Arizona Outdoor Wedding Venues

Surprisingly, Arizona’s landscape offers much more than its iconic deserts. The state boasts lush forests and garden venues, providing a rich tapestry of settings from tranquil desert vistas to verdant gardens nestled in cityscapes. Join us as we delve into some of Arizona’s most captivating outdoor reception, promising to make your wedding day as memorable as the love story it celebrates.

Desert Wedding Venues in Arizona

For a venue to earn its spot on our coveted list of Arizona’s Best Desert Venues, it must either be nestled within the desert itself or close enough for an easy escape into the vast, photo-worthy landscapes. So, without further ado, here’s our handpicked selection of the most stunning outdoor wedding venues in arizona

Bride and groom sharing a kiss in the vast Arizona desert, with the iconic red sandstone cliffs of the Superstition Mountains in the background, embodying a romantic elopement in the rugged landscape of Arizona, captured during the golden hour for a warm, natural ambiance.

The Paseo

Nestled just 45 minutes from Phoenix, The Paseo offers an unbeatable backdrop with the Superstition Mountains framing every moment. It’s perfect for those who love the outdoors, blending rustic charm with modern elegance. While the bridal and groomsmen suites are cozy, the real magic lies in its secluded location. Far from city noise, it’s surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, with a nearby trail for breathtaking sunset photos. Plus, with amenities like on-site parking, tables, chairs, and customizable catering options, including the flexibility to bring your own alcohol, The Paseo ensures your wedding is both beautiful and uniquely yours

Desert View Wedding & Events

Desert View Wedding & Events shares many similarities with The Paseo, and its recent opening is fantastic news for both of us. Until now, The Paseo was the go-to venue for those specific amenities set against such a breathtaking landscape. With Desert View now on the scene, you can look forward to experiencing the same level of service and scenic beauty.

L Auberge de Sedona Wedding

Imagine your wedding photos set against the vibrant hues of the red rocks, or the lush greenery along Oak Creek, providing a dynamic and stunning visual narrative of your big day. This close connection to Sedona’s natural wonders not only enhances your wedding photos but also elevates the entire experience for you and your guests, making your wedding day truly unforgettable. This is venue located in Oak Creek and surrounded by Sedona’s iconic red rock formations, this venue offers unparalleled access to the natural beauty that makes this one of the best Arizona wedding venue

The proximity of L’Auberge de Sedona to stunning trails and scenic landscapes means you’re just steps away from capturing your love amidst some of the most picturesque backdrops imaginable. The beauty of your surroundings seamlessly blends with the joy of your celebration, creating a day that’s as beautiful as it is memorable

Tanque Verde Ranch,

This is a sought-after wedding venue in Tucson, Arizona, offering a mix of rustic charm and modern elegance against the backdrop of the Rincon and Santa Catalina Mountains. Spread over 60 acres, it provides versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, including a barn with stunning mountain views and various dining areas for ceremonies and receptions. The ranch is a full-service venue offering amenities like in-house catering, bar service, and activities such as horseback riding and spa services. Wedding packages start at $3,500, catering to up to 350 guests, making it an ideal choice for couples looking for a picturesque and accommodating wedding location.

Garden Wedding Venues in Arizona

The venue’s vibrant flowers and expansive greenery offer a serene and enchanting backdrop, contrasting beautifully with Arizona’s distinctive desert surroundings. This harmonious blend of natural elegance and desert charm makes our garden venue the perfect setting for couples desiring an outdoor celebration. With Arizona’s sunny climate providing golden light and clear skies, it’s no wonder that garden weddings here are highly sought after, offering a unique and memorable experience that captures the essence of love and natural beauty.

Hidden Gardens at Boojum Tree

The Hidden Gardens at Boojum Tree captivates with its exotic allure, offering a tropical paradise in the heart of Arizona. This venue is renowned for its lush, vibrant gardens, towering Boojum trees, and tranquil water features, creating a secluded and mystical atmosphere. It’s an ideal choice for couples seeking an escape into nature’s embrace, with a setting that feels worlds away from the typical desert landscape. The venue’s indoor spaces, adorned with eclectic decor and rich botanical elements, complement the outdoor beauty, providing a versatile backdrop for ceremonies and receptions. It honestly doesn’t even feel like Arizona once you go indoor.

Photo of wedding venue

The Venue At the Grove

Picturesque pecan grove, offering a rustic yet elegant setting under a canopy of leafy trees. This venue embodies the charm of an outdoor garden wedding with the added romance of string lights and expansive skies. Its natural beauty is enhanced by the meticulously maintained grounds and the warm, inviting atmosphere it provides. The Venue At the Grove is perfect for couples who dream of a country chic wedding, combining the simplicity of nature with sophisticated touches. 

Black Stone Country Club

a touch of historical elegance with its grand Spanish architecture house and meticulously landscaped gardens. This venue is distinguished by its classic architecture, featuring a stunning manor as the backdrop for ceremonies and receptions. The sprawling lawns, ornate fountains, and flower-lined pathways evoke a sense of timeless romance, making it an exquisite setting for a fairytale wedding. Find out more here

Cozy photo of a log house cabin for the wedding reception

Aldea Weddings in the Woods

a unique forest setting, nestled within a private, wooded area that offers an intimate and enchanting experience. This venue is ideal for couples seeking a whimsical, fairy-tale ambiance, surrounded by towering trees and natural beauty. The secluded forest environment creates a magical and serene setting, where twinkling lights and forest decor enhance the mystical vibe. Aldea Weddings in the Woods stands out for its ability to transport couples and their guests to a storybook setting, making it perfect for those who want a wedding that feels like a hidden retreat.

Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix stands as a hidden gem for couples seeking a unique venue that harmonizes with nature. This venue offers a stunning reception space amidst the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, where towering cacti and lush desert flora provide a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor ceremony and reception. Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by the garden’s natural beauty, with every corner offering a picturesque setting for your wedding portraits. The Desert Botanical Garden isn’t just a venue; it’s an experience that transforms your wedding into an unforgettable celebration under the open sky, making it one of the most distinctive venues in Phoenix for saying “I do.”


Unconventional venue that give you the outdoorsy vibe! i’m talking dance floor under the stars surrounded by Sonoran desert type vibe.

Cloth & Flame (not a traditional venue)

Cloth & Flame offers a unique wedding experience for couples who deeply appreciate the outdoors, by hosting bespoke events in stunning, untouched natural settings. This company stands out for its commitment to sustainability and its ability to blend luxury with the raw beauty of nature. Imagine exchanging vows under the open sky or dining under the stars, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, all while enjoying gourmet meals prepared with locally-sourced ingredients. Cloth & Flame is perfect for adventurous couples seeking to celebrate their love in harmony with the environment, making their special day not just a celebration of their union, but a tribute to their love for the natural world. It’s an ideal choice for those who want their wedding to be an unforgettable journey of exploration and connection, deeply rooted in the beauty of the outdoors.

What is the average cost of Arizona wedding venues? 

The average cost of a wedding venue in Arizona can vary widely depending on several factors including the location, size, and type of venue, as well as the services and amenities included. As of my last update in April 2023, couples could expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 or more for a wedding venue in Arizona. Some venues may offer packages that include additional services such as catering, decorations, and event planning, which can affect the overall cost. It’s important to contact specific venues for the most accurate and current pricing.

Can you get married in the forest in Arizona?

Yes, you can get married in the forest in Arizona. The state is home to several beautiful national forests, such as the Coconino, Kaibab, Apache-Sitgreaves, and Tonto National Forests, which offer stunning natural backdrops for weddings. Similar to park weddings, a special use permit is typically required to hold a wedding in a national forest. The U.S. Forest Service manages these lands, and their local offices can provide information on how to apply for a permit, any restrictions that may apply, and guidance on ensuring your event is in compliance with conservation practices and does not negatively impact the natural environment.

Advice: Just get married at Aldea Wedding in the Wood if you want the forest vibe

Best Outdoor Wedding Venue in AZ by City

Mesa – Villa Siena – (Garden + Ballroom)

Let me state that this wedding site is a gorgeous arizona venue, with both indoor and outdoor options. This venue doesn’t give out Outdoorsy vibe. 

Scottsdale: El Chorro (Lawn + Camelback)

located near Camelback mountain, there’s a good lawn area for your ceremony and possibly reception. but I don’t really consider this a strong choice for outdoor.

Phoenix: The Farm at South Mountain

this outdoor wedding venue located on the bottom of south mountain.  Being in phoenix, your wedding planning will be pretty easy since your out of states guests has a lot of option to stay.

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