WHere to take Engagement Photos in Phoenix

I get this question a lot! Where is the best engagement photo location in phoenix? As a phoenix wedding photographer, I have a few different location that you might love!

But before we begin, here’s a few helpful tip to keep in mind

Arizona Engagement Photos Tip

1) Sunset and Sunrise are the best time for photos:

It’s also the cooler part of the day. Have you ever try to take engagement photos in phoenix during the summer?? It’s HOT AF. You don’t want that sweaty, miserable expression for your engagement photos.

2) Pick a location that feel natural to you:

If you like hiking, let’s go on a hike. South Mountain and Phoenix Mountain Preserve are both great options. If you like staying in, we can find somewhere indoors around Downtown Phoenix or even at your place.

3) Make it a date

Prioritize your experience. Don’t just show up and stand, let’s make it a date! You can incorporate things you guys enjoy doing together! The point of engagement photos is to document this exciting chapter in your life and be able to feel the experience when looking back at these photos. Bring snacks!

4) Comfortable outfits

Don’t feel like you need to dress to impress, you’ll get that chance at your wedding! Find something that you feel comfortable & confident in! Don’t try to match exactly. If you really love black t-shirt go for it. If you really love flannel, send it! But here’s a few tips on what to wear on your engagement shoot

  • avoid super bright color like neon green or orange
  • wear comfortable shoes
  • wear something you can jog and hop around in. we love movement in photos!
  • add some accessories, guys don’t be afraid to add one or two.
  • don’t match EXACTLY similar style and pattern are great


Phoenix has many places that are great for engagement location but here are my top recommendation for adventurous couples that love the outdoors

Papago Park

Just a few minute drive from downtown phoenix, Papago Park has beautiful red butte as backdrop and plenty of space to run around! Also palm trees & water

South Mountain

It’s a versatile location with dessert landscape. You can drive all the way up to the lookout to get the view of the city or go on a hike! Gorgeous sunset!!

Phoenix Mountain Preserve

Convenience location since it’s located near Phoenix & Scottdale. Because of that, it gets a bit busy during the weekend. But still a great option for hiker!

Desert Botanical Garden

Right next to Papago Park is Desert Botanical Garden! If you love the desert plants, there’s no better place to go but here!

Superstition Mountain

Very iconic location with EPIC background. I mean look at it! One of the best backdrop in Phoenix area. It does require a photo pass and parking isn’t free


Real quick, if you want that red rock glow, sunset is the best time to go for that particular “look”. I know that this article is about where to take engagement photos in Phoenix but Sedona is just an hour and a half away and it is worth the drive!

Cathedral Rock

Super iconic, stunning view through out the whole hike. Does get crowded but there are plenty of open space for photos. Get ready to go on all 4 for this. Parking is awful!

Photo of Bride and Groom holding hands on a rock formation with a desert canyon view

Merry Go Round

Another stunning landscape spot. Great view at the end and not as crowded as Cathedral Rock, and much easier to hike!

Doe Mountain

Super underrated! Totally recommend for sunrise if you want that valley glow! Pretty flat at the top with plenty of room to run around! Picnic?

Bell Rock

So many different trails! I recommend you hike to the top because the view is super worth it!

Bear Mountain Trail

Quite the elevation gain but it’s a true hidden gem for those who are willing to hike! Beautiful view through out the hike and not a lot of crowds 🙂

Soldier Pass Trail

Honestly, not the best epic landscape view kinda trail. But it has one of the best lighting and very unique. Check out secret arches and sacred pools.

Engagement Photos in Arizona

How to find the right Engagement Photographer

Make sure that you and your photographer vibe! He/she might be the person who photograph your wedding. Have that phone call or meeting with the photographer and make sure its a good fit! If you’re looking for an engagement photographer that put your experience first , fill out this form and I’ll reach back out to you asap!

but if you are looking for out of states stuff, check out Utah engagement location here

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